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Meet The Chef
Stefen Huskinson

Stefen has a love for food that’s generations old. His great-grandfather was an Executive Chef and owned his own restaurant. His grandmother, having years in hospitality, treated guests as family and took care of them in the most loving and caring way.

This love for food and hospitality inspired Stefen to share that kind of intimate experience with people through food. Having worked with chefs from all across Utah, Stefen soon developed his own food philosophies.

The first philosophy is in using fresh ingredients, which are alive with flavor and second, don’t plan the event, be the event.

Meet The Baker
Jazmin Huskinson

When Jazmin was a toddler, at the age of three, her mother had her helping and baking in the kitchen. As a young adult, Jazmin decided baking was her dream and never looked back.

Working in the industry, Jazmin has learned recipes and the art of baking. She studied at Auguste Escoffier School Of Culinary Arts and graduated top of her class. Jazmin, having accomplished many life goals, is now working with her husband, Stefen.

Bringing Wooden Horse Catering to life has fulfilled one of her biggest professional goals and dreams, to be a baker of cakes and pastries.

Wooden Horse Catering is a Preferred Vendor
for Utah Valley Bride Magazine
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